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10 Jan 2018

Go on push the bar full of revelers to open into the garden of earthly delighting in seeing you all again after dreaming of a collapsing motor bus filled with passengers who came climbing out of the top hatches when the thing's legs buckled like it had been shot. Do motor busses have legs? This one did, and was not too good at walking on them either pointed out the girl in the blue dress climbing up the wall like a jungle gym only to slide back to earth leaving her gold and feathered necklaces clinging to the scrapes on the wall like some opulent Mardi Gras throws caught in the oak tree branches of the family curled into corners of islands and far away fields cleared of rock and roll is for the mainland but here in the fields it's hand pipes ten years on a waiting list to procure that soar and sing from their reserved corner in the sand castle.


© reed o’beirne 2018