Below are a few highlights of cinema programs I’ve curated & organized:


Visual Chorus

Visual Chorus explores new ways of presenting film and video to the public. We host events that combine short films with soundtracks created live by musicians, DJs and sound artists. We create public installations of embedded video. We explore ways of hearing with our eyes and seeing with our ears.


Emerald Reels Super-8 Lounge (ERS8)

Emerald Reels Super-8 Lounge (ERS8) launched in 1998 with what was described by Michael Fox at "a groundbreaking mix of DJs and films."  Choosing nightclubs for venues, 16mm and super-8 films were presented with soundtracks performed live by DJs and musicians.  One of the goals was to to create a space & atmosphere where the audience would feel elevated yet comfortable, challenged yet relaxed, and inspired yet unintimidated.  ERS8 ran regularly for many years and featured collaborations with DJs such as Kid HopsDJ eegDJ HebegebeDJ 00#/ and more - with performances in Seattle, San Francisco, Telluride, Vancouver BC and more.


Undependent Showcases

Presentations of collections of experimental, animated and creatively-narrative short films from filmmakers around the U.S. including Martha Colburn, Barbara Ireland, Rob Zverina, Doug Lane, Steve Demas, dzigafilmsyndicate, Jason Gutz, Michael McCarty, Tony Gault, Danielle Morgan, and Reed O'Beirne. The films explore themes and techniques that are largely outside of mainstream filmmaking and challenge the traditional approach to cinema thru a do-it-yourself creative ethos.