Commerce Contributions

Business development, project/program management, sales, consulting and lawn mowing. More details soon…


I learned sales, selling books door-to-door in my four years working with the Southwestern Company. I applied those skills to helping clients find jobs, placing well over 100 people with TRAC Associates. I was fortunate to start working for in 1999 when it really was closer to ‘Day One” and stayed another 12 years; 5 years as the movies category manager for Amazon Marketplace and 7 years at IMDb business development with an emphasis on content and technology licensing deals. In that time, I also designed and project-managed many software launches, including leading the first group to integrate a commercial project with Amazon Web Services, outside that team proper. In the year’s since I’ve focused on consulting and filmmaking. More recently I have been focusing on immersive and interactive project development.

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