About Me

Photo by Beth Holland


Focusing on the confluence of art, technology and commerce, I'm an award winning media-creator and deal-maker. I've been making films for over 20 years, and worked for twelve years at Amazon.com: Five years as the movies category manager for Amazon Marketplace and seven years at IMDb business development with an emphasis on content and technology licensing deals. I also designed and project-managed many software launches, including leading the first group to integrate a commercial project with Amazon Web Services, outside that team proper.

Originally from Natchez Mississippi and now based in the UK, I'm a graduate of the creative writing program at Vanderbilt University, with course work in computer science. I’m the founder of Emerald Reels, an organization I started in 1998 dedicated to supporting artistic filmmaking. I've organized hundreds of film screenings, and my films have screened widely at festivals and art events including the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Shanghi’s OCAT Contemporary Art Terminal and the AVIFF Cannes.

I am currently focusing on interactive and immersive technology creations — both as a content producer and as a deal maker.